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Commercial Debt Recovery Service



Due to the highly competitive and adversarial nature of our industry, the need to maintain healthy cashflows during the construction period is that much more important. Our commercial debt recovery service can provide assistance in the recovery of the following:



Aged Debts


We can assist in the recovery of aged debts (e.g. old accounts) with monies that remain outstanding for what on the face of it may appear contractually sound reasons.



Variations and Final Account Negotiation


An instructed variation to the scope of works may raise many issues or questions; one immediate question is the definition of what constitutes an instructed variation. However, where the principal (e.g. Employer, Main Contractor, Sub-Contractor, etc..) fails to issue contractual notices required under the relevant provisions expressed within the contract conditions then opportunities may exist in favour of the pursuer. To maximise or facilitate recovery, a commercial or contractual process may need to be pursued at the earliest possible opportunity to secure a defined objective.



Simple Interest on Outstanding Monies


We may be able to assist in the recovery of simple interest on monies that has been (prima facie) wrongly withheld beyond the contractual payment period and if the crystallisation of a debt has already occurred.





We can recover old and wrongfully withheld retention monies which have already crystallised; this affects most construction businesses whether they are main contractors or sub-contractors.


REDMac Associates have extensive experience in dealing with all of the above and as your first consultation is free and with "no obligations", don't delay in getting in touch.


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