Dispute Avoidance, etc.



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Dispute Avoidance, etc..



Our industry is saturated with legal disputes often relating to debt recovery. Therefore the intricate nature of our industry and varied personalities forced together by the procurement process makes it fertile ground for complex argument and disagreement.



All parties engaged under contract to provide a Client with an end-product should be committed to avoiding unnecessary disputes, but sadly this is not always the case.

To achieve such, parties require amongst other qualities, acumen, commercial awareness, and excellent communication. It is common knowledge that disputes can only be avoided if all parties desire such; its potential requires trust, willingness to co-operate, early detection, and agreement of all parties on acceptable resolution. If these are not adopted, the inevitable consequences is time consuming and expensive.



It is an acceptable principle that disputes often follow common themes, it is therefore important that adequate and robust procedures are adopted from the outset to provide a realistic opportunity of avoiding a dispute occurring.



We can offer professional “impartial” advice and support in the attempt of avoiding such outcomes.


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