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Health Check on Current Projects





The typical mindset of individuals managing construction projects consistently label those who adhere to the reporting requirements included within contract conditions as “Claims Conscious” and "upsetting to the Client and his Design Team". Others fail to prosecute the requirements of the contract conditions which regulate their respective projects due to a simple lack of understanding (e.g. notices, time constraints, obligations, etc..).



A Project Health Check, is a periodic examination of the whole project by experienced Commercial Consultants who look at not only the contractual but also its financial status.


A Project Health Check is intended to assist clients in safeguarding their rights and entitlements under the contract; therefore a "Health Check" will (amongst other things) include:



  • Detailed interviews with key staff;
  • Examination of contractual documentation and correspondence;
  • Examine progress onsite against current programme
  • Analyse any entitlement to extension of time, should they exist;
  • Evaluate potential for recovery of monies and further entitlement;
  • Prepare any notice(s), application(s), claim(s), and
  • Advise of rights under contract and perceived difficulties.



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